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About Us

Our story starts with the unexpected premature birth of our daughter.
We were found unprepared and during our hospital stay, our baby wore clothes lent to us by the hospital. It was the nicest gesture but the clothes were still too big, making her look even smaller than she already was. Plus, I really wanted to be able to dress her in “real” clothes that I had picked. I was surprised to find out that even the major baby clothing stores did not carry preemie sizes and if they did, the choice was very limited and the body suits were not preemie friendly: hard to put on the baby and uncomfortable.

We have decided to open a shop and sell them to the public so that expectant families and new parents can provide their preemies with good quality and easy access clothing.

We opened our shop in 2017 offering only a few models and in 2020 we began designing our fabric and offering our own designs on organic European cotton.